Business Insurance
Benchmark Insurance Group understands that the true leaders business have the vision to see a better way and the confidence to stay focused on that vision knowing that  their insurance protection will fulfill their business protection needs.  Our success has been and always will be focused on helping protect our clients assets while working hard to lower the long-term cost of risk.  Our experience, competency, and innovation allow us to expertly handle the most sophisticated of our clients insurance needs.  Please contact us for answers to your business insurance questions.

Benchmark Insurance Group provides business assurance through insurance and risk management services to New Jersey's leading companies.  We tailor coverage as individual as the companies we serve.

We proudly offer these forms of Business Insurance:

Worker's Compensation insurance coverage is Statutory (required by law) and varies by state.  Medical and lost wages are provided to an employee for a work-related injury, and the employer is provided protection against lawsuits filed for employers liability.  Protecting the employees in your company makes good business sense and is required by law.  Coverage that you can depend on when accidents happen requires a company that's been there before and knows what to expect.  We offer real world solutions for real problems.

Liability insurance protects your business assets when the business is sued for something the business did (or failed to do) that contributed to injury or property damage to someone else. Generally, commercial liability insurance will cover bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury subject to policy exclusions and limitations.  Our team of agents asks the questions to learn your business and keep it protected.

Professional liability insurance is a policy designed to cover unique liability exposures for a specific profession, such as those in the legal or medical fields, architects and engineers, insurance agents or computer program and software designers.  Having the right coverage at the right time is paramount to the health of your business.  We will help identify your exposures, tailor the coverage benefits and safeguard your business.

Pollution liability provides protection against the unforeseen or unexpected release of pollutants into the air, land, or water.  Even a relatively small escape of pollutants can ultimately cost thousands of dollars in clean-up costs. Benchmark Insurance Group's experience within the construction industry has sharpened our focus on protecting those businesses at risk.

Usually excluded from most general  liability insurance policies are suits by employees charging wrongful termination, racial or gender discrimination or harassment. In today's litigious society the number of employment related lawsuits is at an all time high and steadily increasing.  Every decision, every corporate policy and procedure risks scrutiny in the event of a suit.  We have the experience to design the right combination of coverage based on your employee demographics.

Both private and public directors and officers face the potential of lawsuits filed as a result of employee relations claims, shareholder claims, customers, government agencies, even your competitors.  The benefits of Directors' and Officers liability insurance are the reimbursement of costly defense expenses, protection of personal assets, and provides coverage for difficult loss situations.  Whether you're a closely-held company or a Fortune 500 candidate, Benchmark Insurance Group provides coverage to allow your directors and officers to remain focused on managing the company.