Personal Insurance
Getting the advice of a professional when it comes to your personal insurance makes Benchmark Insurance Group the right choice for you and your family.  We understand that your insurance needs are as individual as you are and that a one-size plan does not fit all.  Our experienced staff invests the time and energy required to make sure that your insurance fits your lifestyle and your budget.  We offer you piece of mind so that you can enjoy the things you've worked so hard to get, and we do it better than anyone else.

Benchmark Insurance Group believes that a review of your personal insurance policies is smart thinking and our experienced staff stands ready to tailor the personal insurance that's uniquely right for you. Whether you're just beginning to build your assets or if you're looking to protect and grow all that you've worked for, you owe it to yourself to find out why Benchmark Insurance Group is one of New Jersery's leading insurance brokers.  Contact us for a free review of your current insurance policy and build a relationship with an insurance provider who cares about your future.

We proudly offer these forms of personal insurance:

Automobile insurance provides liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage to others in the event you are involved in an at-fault accident.   Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage is also added to provide protection for you and your family.  Additionally, coverage may be purchased to provide physical damage coverage for your own vehicle(s) in the event of a loss.  Minimum coverage gets a lot of media attention these days by promising fast turn-around times on quotes.  Our clients expect something a little more personal and we deliver.


Homeowners insurance provides coverage for your dwelling and all other structures outside the dwelling such as tool sheds, detached garages, etc.    The policy also provides protection for your personal belongings, or personal property, such as clothing and furniture.  If your home is damaged to the extent of being uninhabitable, the policy will also provide additional living expenses while repairs are being made.  Each policy includes personal liability coverage in the event a claim or lawsuit resulting in bodily injury or property damage to others caused by your negligence is filed.  Regardless of who is at fault, your policy will pay medical expenses for those accidentally injured on your property.  Many different types of endorsements are available to tailor the coverage to your specific needs.

A policy endorsement can be added to cover such possessions as jewelry, furs, stamps, coins, guns, computers, antiques, and other items that may exceed normal limits in a standard policy.   The endorsement is written for a specified amount that lists the value of the insured property as agreed to by both the insured and the insurer.   We believe that all investments are worth protecting and we can do it affordably.

Your homeowners and automobile policies are considered your primary insurance coverage and have a maximum limit of liability determined by  your individual needs.  When the need arises for an additional, higher limit of liability protection, umbrella liability policies are issued to provide protection over and above the underlying primary policies.   By asking the right questions from the beginning, Benchmark Insurance Group learns all we need to know about your coverage and can we offer total protection, no matter the need.


We can insure your motorcycle, jet ski, snowmobile, water craft or any recreational vehicle for liability and physical damage coverage.  Benchmark Insurance Group understands that your pleasure vehicles are a significant investment.  We stand ready to safeguard these expressions of your individuality with the best coverage our experience tells us you'll need.